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In Covert Control Volume 1, I give you some really powerful information and I do it in a way that is different than most others.

With that being said, that program serves as the first step in everything you to know to use these patterns effectively.

In the full edition (which includes another 200 page PDF and 2 more audio modules) I take things to the next level and share some super powerful stuff like:

  • How you can literally “peek” inside the mind of someone and get a first hand look at how their brain is taking in what you’re presenting to them
  • How you completely reformat someone’s belief system so that it’s in line with yours
  • How you can minimize resistance and have people fall in love with what you offer them
  • How to amplify the power in your message with just a few minor but very effective changes
  • How you can basically predict someone’s thoughts and actions and direct them to wanting what you have
  • How you can secretively implant the personal image of yourself that you prefer best right into their mind without them even realizing it
  • How you can set the stage for someone’s behavior without saying one word to them
  • How to instantly shift someone’s frame of thought to get them re-engaged in what you have to say
  • How to covertly highlight your positive attributes and mask your faults or weaknesses so you always appear strong and confident
  • Six proven ways to build unshakable credibility so your target never even thinks about not trusting you
  • How to gain “silent trust” where people become fully vested in your image without you saying a single word
  • The secret to making sure your verbal message and non verbal messages strengthen one another rather than destroy each other
  • The real reason some people instantly appear as credible to a crowd they have never met before and how you can do the same
  • How to have the majority of people in the room on your side and completely non-resistant to your message
  • The key to utilizing your physical appearance to increase your like-ability among others
  • How to make other people feel completely relaxed when you speak to them so their mind is completely open to being influenced
  • Four super effective (but completely undetectable) ways to maximize the rapport between you and your target
  • A surefire way to create the harmony needed for people to trust and want to listen to what you stand for and offer
  • How to completely reformat someone’s mood and thought process to your advantage
  • The most powerful tactic known to man on how to have others begging to give you want
  • A little known technique that enables you to have your target amazed and secretly agreeing with you with them having one clue of how it happened
  • The one thing that you must avoid doing if you really plan on getting people to like you (most people get this one VERY wrong)
  • How to determine exactly how much information you should deliver to your target so they remain engaged but not bored
  • How to covertly get your target to keep agreeing with your message so that by the time you make a request they won’t even think about not complying
  • How to appear as the expert or “go to” person that everyone trusts and relies on
  • How to make your target trust you over your competition without you uttering one bad word about them
  • How to utilize an emotion that resides within all people to create instant compliance from others
  • The pitfall you must always avoid when presenting your offer to people
  • Five advanced influence techniques that shatter resistance and gain fast cooperation
  • How to effortlessly influence large groups of people to your way of thinking
  • And a lot more of my “go to” tactics to gain covert control with very little effort.
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